Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let’s Go!


Psa. 122:1     I was glad when they said to me,
        “Let us go to the house of the LORD!”


There is something communal about this call to go to the house of the LORD. There is joy when others make the invitation for us to join them in worshiping God.


This is one of those Psalms that my grandfather knew by memory and I remember him quoting it when we would come and visit. His eyes would light up and he would say these words with great joy.  He had spent his entire adult life as a minister of the Gospel in little churches across Nebraska. He had literally built the churches with his own hands and I don’t think that he could imagine much else in life that would have brought him joy, but to be serving God.

As I thought about this scripture I realized that worshipping together with others whom I know does bring joy or gladness to my heart. On Sunday I was attending the church where I had spent my teen years in Kansas City. Someone asked me if I had decided to make this the church I would attend when I'm in Kansas City. I said that yes, this would be my church -- because it is my church! These are the people who know me and I them for forty years now. They have prayed for me, loved me and supported me, even in my absence. It is the community that speaks into me and my life and it is here that I feel at home.

There is something of significance that occurs when we are invited into fellowship by others. This is why we ought to be inviting others to join us in the house of the Lord. There is something comforting about worshiping the Lord with friends and loved ones — especially if you are new to the experience.

I think that we are often afraid to invite people to the house of the LORD. Maybe we are afraid of their rejection but should that be more important than an opportunity for someone who may get to know God through the worship experience? We may discover that there are many who would speak the words of the Psalmist and are simply waiting for that invitation to the house of the LORD.  Spread some joy and do some inviting.


Lord,  thank you for the joy of worshiping in your house with friends.  Amen.

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