We Really Do Need Each Other


Matt. 13:52 And he said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”


Jesus was explaining the importance and value of the past when it is connected to the present and future. The things that the Scribes had learned in the past were valuable if they were placed within the context of what they were currently learning about the kingdom. There could never be a time when they would close the books and say -- that is all there is to learn!

There is an appreciation of the things of the past which brings us to a greater understanding of the present. Both are important, and without both lack the richness of the kingdom of God.


A week ago I had the privilege of eating dinner with Reuben Welch, author of the book, “We Really Do Need Each Other.” He just recently celebrated his 90th birthday and I was reminding him of the influence that he had on so many of us young people — many years ago at Estes Park in Colorado for a Youth Conference. His book and messages spoke to us about this need for one another.

We need those who have gone before us, for they are treasures in the kingdom. Jesus said that the master of the household would bring out the treasure, old and new. There is beauty in a kingdom which is balanced with old and new. There are things that we learn from tradition — and there are things that we learn from the people of tradition. Sitting at a table and listening to Reuben Welch was a blessing for me. He has experienced so much of life and is connected to people and events that I will never be personally, and yet, he is able to make that connection for me. It was a priceless conversation — the old, and the not so new — spending time talking together.

We really do need each other — for it is in this need for each other that we find the beauty of the kingdom. Too often we are encouraged to seek to minister to that one demographic! That’s not what Jesus said. Jesus said to bring out “what is new and what is old.” This was the kingdom.

We are challenged today to serve in the kingdom in a way which reveals the beautiful gems which have been placed into our hands. The old and the new, glistening and gleaming off of one another, producing a most beautiful experience for the world around us. Jesus was warning the Scribes because they didn’t see the value in both. They hung onto the old. What about us? Do we see the value — or are we hanging on, either to the old, or to the new. Jesus had it right — we really do need each other.


Lord, thank you for the blessing of old and new.  Amen.


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