Are you helping to write the story?



The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
(Mark 1:1 NASB)


The Gospel of Mark begins with this one little sentence. The Gospel, Jesus Christ, the Good it is! It starts right here. Then the book of Mark lays out the story of Jesus and His life. However, this little book in the New Testament is just the first part of the story of the Gospel. It may finish by telling of the life of Jesus here on earth, but the story of the Gospel is not finished. This is an unfinished story at this time for the story is in the process of being written or told. The question for us, is whether we are willing to step into the story and help it be written.


We, as followers of Christ must understand the mantle which He has placed on us. As His children we are to be transformed into the very image of Jesus Christ. In that transformation we must realize that we are to be Christ to this world. In being Christ to the world, we continue His story. It is not finished, it is not completed. There is still much which should be written. Beware if we, as Christians, think that we are simply awaiting His return without writing more chapters of the Gospel. We are not called to be "safe" and await His coming, we are called to be active workers in His Kingdom. What are you doing today to write the next chapter?


Lord, today, may I listen to You and Your leading as I journey through life, writing new chapters together with You. Amen.


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