Meet Pressing Needs


Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful.
(Titus 3:14 NASB)


Those who work for the Lord (meaning all believers) must be attentive to the needs around them on a daily basis. Especially during this holiday season it's important that we don't become so absorbed in our own activities that we miss those around us who have pressing needs. For many people the holiday season simply exacerbates their needs and they feel even more inadequate. Therefore, we must ask ourselves what we can do to meet the pressing and immediate needs.


There are those who would say that it is not worth it to meet the pressing needs, but rather we need to go to the root of the issues and work on those so that these problems do not continue. This is true in a sense. There is the famous saying, "Give them a fish and they eat today. Teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime." While visiting Mother Theresa's home in Calcutta, however, I was struck by this saying of hers which had been framed and put on the wall. "Don't talk to me about teaching them to fish. If I don't feed them today they will die." In this Christmas season may we look around us for those who have pressing needs and reach out to them so that they may know the reality of Jesus.


Lord, may today be a day of surprises as I seek to be Your servant in the world. Amen.


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