A Booming Voice from the Mountain


Ex. 20:1 ¶ Then God spoke all these words:
Ex. 20:18 ¶ When all the people witnessed the thunder and lightning, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking, they were afraid and trembled and stood at a distance,


The Ten Commandments were given to the children of Israel on more than one occasion.  Here, this first time, God actually spoke the Commandments to them.  They could  see the flashes of lightening, and hear the thunder and blaring trumpet.  All of this was accompanied by  smoke coming from the mountain.  That's an amazing show of God's presence among his people.  There was no doubt that this was coming to them directly from God.  And yet, they were terrified and stood back and told Moses to go and talk to God. 


How often do we say that we wish God would speak to us in this way?  If only God would show up and talk to me in a booming voice, then I'd know exactly what I'm supposed to do!  If only God would reveal himself and allow me to see the smoke and the lightening, then I'd believe he was really real and I would be willing to follow him and do what he wants me to do!  God knows human nature far too well.  It certainly did not make a difference to the Israelites.  They heard, they saw, and they probably even smelled, and yet, they were not faithful. 

Everything that we need to know about God is revealed to us in his word.  Once we begin to spend time with him, we discover that we don't need the big booming voice, or the blast of a trumpet, but rather, he comes in a still, sweet voice, and gently leads us along the path of life. 

Stop waiting for the booming voice from the mountain.  The children of Israel knew what was required of them to be faithful.  So do we!  Let's jump into a faithful relationship with our Holy God, resting in his gentle presence on a daily basis. 


Thank you, Lord, for the way in which you reveal yourself every single day.  Amen. 


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