Wake Up!


“Awake, awake, Deborah; Awake, awake, sing a song! Arise, Barak, and take away your captives, O son of Abinoam.
(Judges 5:12 NASB)


The Israelites were in desperate need of leadership as their enemies surrounded them. God spoke to a woman named Deborah and a man named Barak to take up the leadership role among his people. Interestingly Deborah responded to the call, and Barak half-way responded to the call. He would help lead, but only if Deborah would lead as well. If she would not -- he would go home. The result was that God promised victory to Barak, but that a woman would get the credit -- not Deborah, but yet another woman.

God brought victory to the Israelites and they had peace for forty years.


There are times in life that God asks us to "Wake Up!" It may be a startling cry from God, but he's trying to get our attention. God needs us to become engaged with him in his work in this world. Some of us will respond like Deborah -- rising up and firmly grabbing hold of the responsibility given to us by God. Yes, it may be far from our comfort zone, or out of the realm of the role society has placed upon us -- but ultimately obedience to God is what is most important. She was willing to respond to the cry to "wake up" and be a leader -- riding off into battle with all the men.

Then there is Barak -- the hesitant responder. He received the same call from God to "Wake Up!" However, he woke up and remained a bit timid. He wasn't sure that he wanted to take on this leadership role and so he half heartedly went off into war with Deborah. The judge we remember to this day is Deborah, not Barak. He is remembered for having his victory come through another woman who was not afraid to take the situation into her own hands.

I believe that God is crying out "Wake Up!" today. He is calling us to become radical followers of Jesus Christ in this world. He is asking us to stop being afraid -- of ourselves, or maybe of what other people might think of us -- and simply step forward in faith with him. What would happen if an army of God's people responded like Deborah? What if we didn't allow the things that the people of this world might think of us to be a barrier to service to God? It's time folks. It's time to "Wake Up!"


Lord, thank you for this wake up call today. Please, help me to serve you without fear. Amen.


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