The Face of God


For the LORD is righteous, He loves righteousness; The upright will behold His face.
(Psalms 11:7 NASB)



The Psalmist understood that the very nature of God is righteousness. It is the Lord's desire that all of his children be a reflection of him and therefore of his righteousness, but this is not possible unless we are turned toward him and seeking his face. If we will do this, and only if we are seeking after him and living a life that reflects his righteousness -- will we see the face of God.



There is vulnerability involved in seeing the face of God. We cannot hide in the shadows and seek him. Instead, we must be willing to come out of our own safe places and move towards God. Sometimes this means that we open ourselves up to attacks from the enemy on all sides. People around us may think that we are strange because our behavior doesn't fit the mold of what we as humans have defined as the Christian walk. But who are we to define what the Christian walk looks like? The Christian walk is one in which we are seeking the face of God on a daily basis and allowing a reflection of him to be shine on the world around us.

Moses was the example of this kind of a relationship with God. He went out to the "Tent of Meeting" and met there with God on a daily basis. The result was that his face shone from literally being in God's holy presence. It made his people very uncomfortable and they asked him to cover his face. What is it about seeing the face of God that makes those around us uncomfortable?

The Christian walk is a radical walk. It is not a comfortable go to church a few Sundays a month walk. Rather, it is a walk that is transformational to the core, where we are willing to walk in obedience to the will of God as we seek his face. God has never been about challenging us to live a comfortable and satisfying life! God has always been about stretching us to the very boundaries and continually drawing us on to a deeper walk with him that is transformational to ourselves and the world around us. There is nothing comfortable about that life, but rather, it is a life that can be disturbing. Walk upright -- walk in righteousness -- his righteousness -- and we will see the face of God!



Lord, may I continue to seek you day in and day out. Help me be willing to be a radical follower of you in every aspect of my life. Amen.


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