Figures of Speech


This figure of speech Jesus spoke to them, but they did not understand what those things were which He had been saying to them.
(John 10:6 NASB)



Jesus used parables and figures of speech to try and help the people understand who he really was and what was happening in the world around them. The truth was that the religious leaders of the day knew what he was talking about, but they didn't want to understand what he was saying because if they did, they would have to acknowledge that he was pointing fingers at them. That made them extremely uncomfortable and instead of accepting what he had to say, they became angry with him, blaming him for his choice of speech.



Today there are times that the message from the Lord comes to us through a figure of speech. Sometimes the Lord speaks through a story, or a situation, or someone's testimony and yet our response may be similar to that of the religious leaders of his day. If we really thought about it we would realize that we know exactly what he's trying to say to us through these different methods or vessels, and yet, we complain and refuse to accept the message and we choose to criticize the delivery system. The religious leaders wanted Jesus to stand in front of them and say "I am God!" Of course they wanted him to say it in this way because their true motivation was to stone him. Instead, he kept using figures of speech which made them mad, not because they really didn't understand the message, but because they did -- and it didn't serve their purposes.

How often do we use excuses to explain away our disobedience? "If only I had REALLY known what God wanted me to do!" God is speaking to us today in many ways but sadly, we often the problem is on the receiving side. We put up barriers to him and to his messages to us because underneath it all we may be afraid of what he is saying to us. If God is speaking, we must listen, but not only listen -- we must respond in obedience. I think that's the hard part -- it's the response. It's a response of faith and obedience -- one in which we truly believe what he's saying, and then act on that belief.
God in his creative abilities uses all manner of speech to communicate his love to a hurt and dying world. What is our response?



Lord, please help me to have open ears, eyes, and mind to what you are speaking to me today, and may I respond in obedience to you. Amen.


  1. Thank you Carla. Words I needed today! Bless you and chuck as you continue to serve the Lord.

    Buddy Cook


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