Jesus' Routine

Jesus' Routine


Luke 21:37-38
Every day he was teaching in the temple, and at night he would go out and spend the night on the Mount of Olives, as it was called. And all the people would get up early in the morning to listen to him in the temple.


In this frenetic world at times it's nice to imagine what kind of form or structure could be useful to our lives.  Jesus is our role model and if we are to be like him, we are to model our lives after him.  Jesus faithfully went about his business on a daily basis.  He knew that he was called to teach.  There were times that he preached, but also many times that he taught.  While he maintained his schedule of teaching, he knew that he could not do this without power and strength from the Father.  He would depart from the crowd of people and he would go out to the Mount of Olives where he could be fed emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Then, early in the morning he was back again in the temple, back at work, teaching the people.


We are not all called to the same occupation but for those of us wanting to follow Christ, he places before us an excellent routine and example for life.  Now, my personality likes structure and routine.  For others that may seem foreign.  However, seeing that Christ took off in the evenings to go and rest and to be in prayer is important for all of us.  If the very son of God needed this time, how much more do we?  

The older I become the more keenly I am aware of my deep need of God's leading and guidance in my life.  The more that I get in touch with God, the more I realize I hardly know anything.  Somehow I have only barely begun to experience God in my life and my heart yearns for so much more.  I am tired of the busyness of life and I desperately want time to simply enjoy falling in love with the bridegroom!  

The Father has always been desperately in love with the son, who has been in love with the Father, who is loved by the Holy Spirit, who is loved by the Father...etc.  Jesus would go in the evenings, away from the crowds and allow himself to be united with God, basking in the love found in that relationship.  It recharged him and helped him to go on with what he had been born to do!  We are invited to slow go to our Mount of Olives and participate in that relationship as well.  A simple taste will bring us back time after time, wanting more and more, and we will be strengthened and renewed for service to him on a daily basis.


Father, thank you for the sweet rest found in you.  Amen.


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