Let the Nations Know They Are Only Human


Psa. 9:19      ¶ Rise up, O LORD! Do not let mortals prevail;
        let the nations be judged before you.
Psa. 9:20     Put them in fear, O LORD;
        let the nations know that they are only human. Selah


David had experienced numerous victories in his lifetime -- all with the help of God.  While David had skills and abilities in his own right, he placed them in the hand of God so that he could be God's instrument.  His battle with Goliath became foundational to understanding how God would use him throughout his life.  The victory over Goliath was God's victory.  No sword was drawn for that battle, but simply a young man who believed he was God's instrument was obedient and a small stone brought down the giant. 

That is the way in which God works!  He uses the improbable to make a difference in the world.  The nations of this world believe that they are bold and they are powerful.  More than likely those who lead begin to believe that they are invincible.  And yet God can bring them down.  Whether it is the nations, or whether the people, they must recognize that they are not God, but simply human.


There is a story from history which tells us that when one of the the great Emperors of the Roman Empire would go to an official function before the people he had a servant whose responsibility it was to remind him, "You're only human."  And what a great reminder that is, for when people rise to places of leadership it becomes easy to believe all the "press" about you.  There are world leaders today who have become so enamored with themselves that the power they experience has become intoxicating.  No longer can they see the world through realistic lenses, but instead they have a distorted image of themselves and their invincibility and of the world.  This becomes very scary for all the world, because these types of individuals become unstable through their own twisted vision of things.

But mortals will not prevail.  Whether it's a government leader, or any other type of leader, there must be a sense of understanding of our own humanity.  We are not God!  We are to live in fear and humility before our God and in doing so we will not put our trust in human powers.  Human powers and human governments will never be able to correct all that is wrong in this world.  Therefore as followers of Christ we must remember our place as God's creations, his humans, placed on this earth for his purposes.  We are accountable before God for our responses to the world.  It is the responsibility of a Christian leader to seek the face of God and get to know him.  The Christian leader then leads from the place of  submission before an all-powerful God.  In doing so we don't pick up the sword, but allow ourselves to surrender to the idea of a small stone, which in God's hands can slay the giant. 


Lord, please help me to know you more.    Amen.


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