What Do You Want?


2Kings 2:9 ¶ When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me what I may do for you, before I am taken from you.” Elisha said, “Please let me inherit a double share of your spirit.”


Elisha had accepted the calling of God to be a prophet like Elijah but now Elijah would be leaving him.  Elisha could have asked for just about anything, including power and position but that's not what was important to him.  He wanted to be a great prophet of God, serving God just like his "father" Elijah.  He didn't ask for something for himself, but instead asked for a double share of the spirit -- something that would glorify God. 


As a child I always loved those shows where the Genie would offer someone three wishes.  You were left in suspense wondering what it was that they would wish for!  I thought it would make sense to wish for a thousand more wishes :)  But there was often a moral to the story -- shouldn't you be wishing for something that would help others? 

Elisha could have asked for just about anything, and it could have been something personal or selfish.  Instead, he wished that he could do something that would glorify God.  He wanted the power of God to shine through his life in a very powerful way. 

Some of us have had the opportunity to have great mentors or people of influence in our lives.  What would it mean if we were to ask to have a double share of their spirit for God to use to make a difference in this world?  Elisha not only asked, but was willing to accept the double share of the spirit.  I think that is important.  He not only wanted it, but he was willing to take it and be responsible with it.  This brings us to the question of the day, "What do you want?"  And when faced with this question, just as Elisha was, we must do some soul-searching and checking of our motivations.  What is it that I really want?  And then may God help us to have the attitude and heart of Elisha to be willing to ask for that double portion of the spirit -- and then use it for God's glory.


Lord, please help to make my heart like your heart, and my desires your desires.  Amen.


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