Faithfulness in the Workplace


Dan. 8:27 ¶ So I, Daniel, was overcome and lay sick for some days; then I arose and went about the king’s business. But I was dismayed by the vision and did not understand it.


Daniel had just experienced an overwhelming vision from God.  He saw future destruction and he felt the weight of what he had seen.  God had opened his eyes to have a vision of the future and yet it was one which he was not allowed to share publicly.  He was going to have to bear the burden of this knowledge himself and the burden made him sick.  But while the burden made him sick, he also knew that God had called him to public service to the king.  He had a very high and prominent government position, and even as a prophet of God, he needed to go back to work.  During the day in and day out of life, his witness to God was seen in his outstanding service to the kingdom and the King.  He was not only God's messenger, but he remained faithful in the workplace, which allowed him to have influence within the government of his day.  The burden of his vision, that he would have to carry with him, trusting in God.


I'm afraid that most of the time when I think about Daniel I envision him as a spiritual leader, but I don't really think about his secular work.  Daniel was really good at what he did and held one of the highest, if not the highest position in the government, besides the king.  His influence was immense and he saw that it was important to be faithful to God in all things -- including his employment.  It appears that he actually lived out his calling through excellent service to the king and his kingdom.  This is what he did day in and day out.  The story about the Lion's Den, or the interpretation of dreams and visions -- those were the extraordinary events of his life.  The rest of the time, he went to work.

Could it be that we, as God's children, have a responsibility to be the best secular employees that we possibly can?  What would happen if God's children who are graced with gifts and talents would consecrate those before the Lord and then use them in day in an day out service here in the world?  Daniel had a profound impact on the society in which he lived because he worked hard and tried to make a difference.  Remember Joseph?  Here was another man who used all of his abilities to make a difference for the people of the land in which he lived.  His skill set allowed him to set aside enough food and organize distribution systems to not only save the Egyptians, but also people from the surrounding nations -- including his own family. 

God has gifted each one of us with abilities -- abilities which need to be consecrated before Jesus Christ and then used at 100% of capacity for his glory.  That may be as an accountant, a doctor, a teacher, a factory worker, or even in government service or political office -- but just as Daniel, we are called to be faithful with what God has given us -- even in the workplace.  Maybe not "even" but "certainly" in at work.  May we be good stewards of all that God has given us and be willing to be faithful in the workplace.


Lord, please help me to use all you have given me for you.  Amen.


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