1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never ends.


The great chapter on love is one that moves us and that we enjoy reading again and again. The reality is that it reveals to us the very nature of God — holy love. In these three words, found in verse eight, we catch a glimpse of the quality of that love. It goes on forever.

God reaches out forever in holy love, drawing all of his creation to himself.

God’s love for those who have turned their backs on him never ends.

Love never gives up and always keeps on trying.

Holy love is optimistic and believes that all may be transformed as his holy children.

God’s nature cannot be changed — he is love, and that never ends.


What we tend to call love is incredibly shallow compared to God’s nature. We think that we love our house, or our new car, but what kind of an emotion is that compared to God who continually gives of himself to us so that we might be children of God. The things of this world are simply trinkets in light of what God has to offer. And yet, they capture our attention and distract us from true love which comes from God alone.

Jesus instructed us to love God and love neighbor. This becomes a channel — through God to our neighbor — in which holy love reaches out to this world. It is in the depth of these relationships that the love of God is revealed.

Holy love never gives up on the wayward child.

Holy love continually reaches out in reconciliation.

Holy love is patient.

Holy love is not stuff — it is transformative.

God’s nature is to be revealed in his holy children, those who are in a right relationship with him and reflecting his nature to the world. His nature, reflected in our lives is this unending love.


Lord, may I be a reflection of your love today.  Amen.


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