Morning by Morning

Psalm 143:8     Let me hear of your steadfast love in the morning,    for in you I put my trust.    Teach me the way I should go,    for to you I lift up my soul.


David knew what it was like to suffer through long, dark nights. More than likely he was hiding out from his own son, Absalom and with a father’s broken heart was crying out to God. He was desperate to hear some good news in the morning, possibly awaiting a messenger who could give him an update on the situation. But David was really in a no-win situation with his beloved son, and any earthly news would more than likely be bad news. Therefore David was clinging to the good news he experienced afresh every morning.

God’s steadfast love, always present, fresh every morning was that which would sustain him. When the news from the world was nothing but bad, the good news of the kingdom awaited him every dawn. The anticipation was not for the absence of trouble, but of the presence of God. David’s very heart yearned to soak in the steadfast love of God. Morning by morning, he longed to be in God’s loving presence. He trusted God in the midst of all his difficulties and knew that God would set his feet in the right direction; every day, every morning, longing and trusting.


It’s a new day — a new morning and I have the joy of watching things come to life around me as I spend time with the Lord. Here on a beautiful tree covered hill the squirrels meander and stir. The students next door begin heading out, one by one, for their day. The lights from the strip mall at the bottom of the hill filter through the trees as the businesses begin to open and very soon the line-up of cars for parents bringing their children to the school at the ends of the street will begin. There is life which is visible morning by morning from my living room window and it’s easy for my mind to become caught up in the things of the day. There is usually a full calendar and hourly reminders of the things that I am to be doing. Some days will bring good news, others — not so good news, but my prayer is that I would join David in my heart’s desire.

Morning by morning, may the longing of my heart be for God. No matter what the day may bring, God remains the same and we can put our hope and trust in him. When we ask him to lead us and teach us where to go, he will be faithful, guiding and directing us! We were created with a need for God, so his presence nourishes us and fills us with sustenance for this day and morning by morning.


Lord, thank you for your presence today.  Amen.

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