Transformation of the Flesh


1 Peter 4:1-4

Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same intention (for whoever has suffered in the flesh has finished with sin), so as to live for the rest of your earthly life no longer by human desires but by the will of God. You have already spent enough time in doing what the Gentiles like to do, living in licentiousness, passions, drunkenness, revels, carousing, and lawless idolatry. They are surprised that you no longer join them in the same excesses of dissipation, and so they blaspheme.


We don't know exactly what was happening on that silent Saturday but by Sunday everything was different. Jesus suffered and died in the flesh making it possible for us not to be controlled by "human desires." As a result of God's activity humanity is empowered to live by God's will. The transformation means that we do not have to be controlled by the flesh and live into every lustful passion which comes along.

The first century followers of Christ had experienced this transformation and refused to live like the world. Compared to the activities of those around them the Christians must have seemed like prudes and because they refused to engage in the things of the world, those around them maligned them.


Christ's death and resurrection resulted in the possibility of transformation for God's children. When we continue to live into the desires of the flesh we are denying the resurrection of our Lord. Our lives are transformed and we don't do all the things that the people of the world do. We don't make excuses for participating in activities because we simply can't control ourselves. We don't engage in activities to be approved by the world around us. Remember, these early disciples were maligned because they were different and that made people around them uncomfortable.

Transformation of our flesh is possible because of Christ's transformation. He has made the pathway possible for us and during this day of silence. During this Saturday in the tomb, may we contemplate all that he has done for us.

He gave everything to give us everything.

May we submit our all to his transforming resurrection power and experience renewed life in these earthly bodies. We can live freed from the flesh because he died in the flesh. Thanks be to God!


Lord, please empower me to live life in the power of your Spirit. Amen.

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