What’s Important?


Luke 6:20 Then he looked up at his disciples and said:
“Blessed are you who are poor,
for yours is the kingdom of God.


Jesus’ preaching always seemed to shake people to the core. The religious officials would have been pleased with their financial status. They didn’t enjoy hanging out with poor people and more and likely avoided them because they were “unclean.” They could see their own riches and what they have accumulated before their very eyes but here was the irony; their own wealth was blinding them from what Jesus had to offer. They thought they had it all, when in reality their personal wealth was nothing in comparison to the kingdom of God. The poor were blessed for their vision of the kingdom was clear. They could see what Jesus was offering and they walked wholeheartedly after the one who would lead them to the kingdom of God.


Just imagine waking up one day and realizing that everything you have worked so hard for is nothing in comparison to what was always right in front of you. My little granddaughter loves to play with play dough. She spends lots of time making things out of this type of clay. She can make houses and cars and all kinds of lumps that when empowered by the imagination inspire visions of the things of life. At the same time, if she only focused on those lumps of clay and thought they represented the reality of her life she would be missing out. All she has to do is lift her eyes beyond her little project and see the whole world around her with so much for the taking. 

The irony of life is that we may spend so much time focusing on our little lumps that we fail to see what lay beyond. We live satisfied with what we think is outrageously extravagant when God is offering us the kingdom. The poor are able to see the kingdom for they are free of the obstacles of wealth. They can live in the extravagance of God’s kingdom. 

This past week the wealthiest woman in the world died at the age of 94. If you read the articles it doesn’t sound like her wealth made her happy, but rather made her a target for those who would want to take advantage of her. Her wealth created real barriers to freedom and joy. 

A life of generosity and simplicity can help us to live as the poor. In this way we can see, and live in the kingdom of God. The things of this world are nothing compared to what God has to offer so let’s give away what we can and relax in the joy of God’s kingdom. 


Lord, thank you for reminding me about what is really important. Amen. 


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