Security and Restoration

Sunset over Encinitas. 


Psalm 31:16 Let your face shine upon your servant;
save me in your steadfast love.


The Psalmist has been going through great difficulty, but discovers that his security is not in being saved from trouble, but that God is with him in his time of trouble. It is in the face of God shining upon him that the Psalmist understands that he is saved and restored. God has not turned his back on him, but instead, constantly shines his face in his direction. This is God watching him in a way that is protective and restorative. In the midst of great struggle, God is security and restoration. 


It appears that the Psalmists immediate inclination in the midst of his struggles was to turn toward God. That’s a great reminder for us, because I know that it’s often easy to look at our difficulties and allow them to become overwhelming. Rather than seeking the face of God, we look to our circumstances and can feel as if we are being swallowed up by great darkness. 

I believe that it was through years of dependence upon God that David learned to instinctively turn to God for help. Even when facing the smallest challenges, we need to recognize our need for God. Years ago I attended a prayer seminar led by Glaphre Gilliland where she talked about learning to pray. She encouraged us to learn to pray every day, even about the smallest details of our lives. She said that far too often we think that God isn’t concerned about the small things, but only the major events. That’s simply not true, and God is concerned about the small details of our lives. When we learn to be in constant communion with God, then we know how to go through the days of great trial with the Lord. 

God provides security in the midst of difficulties. Even when we don’t understand what we are going through, God does. Here we can put our entire trust in the Lord and depend on the promises that we have experienced. When we are in a face to face relationship with our Lord, then we can seek the face of God. The image of God is restored in the Father’s children when his face shines upon us. In this way, we are able to reflect the image of God, who is Jesus. That is complete and entire restoration; all of God’s children reflecting the face of the one who shines upon us. 


Lord, I’m grateful for the security to be found in you. I want to learn to trust in you more and more throughout this journey of life. May you be reflected in me, and the ways in which I live my life. My desire is to be restored in your image. Amen. 


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