Friday, February 21, 2014

Where is the Light Shining?


Num. 8:1 ¶ The LORD spoke to Moses, saying:
Num. 8:2 Speak to Aaron and say to him: When you set up the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light in front of the lampstand.
Num. 8:3 Aaron did so; he set up its lamps to give light in front of the lampstand, as the LORD had commanded Moses.


The tabernacle was very dark with no windows.  The priests were instructed in the placement of the lamps.  The lampstand was to be lit from the fire of the altar and the remaining lamps to be lit from the lampstand.  They were to be arranged in such a way that they provided light leading up to the altar.


The fire of the altar represents the source of all light — God himself!  Jesus came to earth to be that light for us and we are to receive our light directly from him.  Only by being in relationship with him can we receive the light of God. 

We are to take that light out into the world and help to light more lights.  In this way the light of Christ is taken beyond the source and into the places of darkness in the world.  At the same time our lights are to shine the path that leads to the source — to the altar.  People need the pathway lit so that they can find their way to Christ. 

The tabernacle was properly lit when these instructions were followed.  If they were not followed then the very light of God would not shine and the path to the altar would not be found.  If we do not follow the instructions of God in our own lives there will be darkness in this world and people will not find their way to God. 

We have a responsibility to be the shining lights of God in this world, illuminating the pathway to God.  When God’s people are not fulfilling the responsibility for which they have been created the light will not be shining in the right place.  Where is the light shining?    


Lord, may I be your light today in the right places.  Amen.

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