Conspiring With the Enemy


Mark 3:6 The Pharisees went out and immediately conspired with the Herodians against him, how to destroy him.


The Pharisees were so angry that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath that they went right out and sinned on the Sabbath!  The Herodians were a political party who were opposed to Roman Rule; rather nationalistic and in favor of the family of Herod.  The Pharisees were willing to conspire with their enemies because they hated Jesus.  Just as they were trying to catch him breaking the law they stomped all over the law by their own actions!


When we allow hate and dislike to rule in our hearts and lives we will go to extreme lengths to get our way.  That’s what the Pharisees were willing to do. 

Sadly, even God’s people have given into the temptation to use all means necessary to attack those who make them feel uncomfortable.  Jesus was pushing them out of the comfort zone of their religiosity.  They didn’t want to hear about this relational stuff, they wanted to be able to practice their religion the same way they had always practiced their religion — by living within a set of black and white rules. 

Now Jesus comes and he has a different perspective and he’s inviting people into a personal relationship with God, a relationship in which the laws of God will be written on the hearts of the people.  The way in which Jesus is living his life is the foreshadowing of God’s intention for all of his people.  The genuine intent of the law is to be fulfilled.  Why would God want someone to remain sick just because it was a particular day of the week?  God would want the sick to be healed!  That’s the love of God reaching out to hurting humanity.

But the Pharisees couldn’t get it.  Sometimes we don’t either.  The love of God compels us to look beyond our comfort zone and to minister in ways which may make us uncomfortable.  We are to follow the example of Christ.  The Pharisees, they were so scared they might lose power that they would not even open their minds to what Jesus was saying.  They preferred to conspire with the enemy to get their own way than to listen to Jesus. 

Don’t be afraid of Jesus today.  Really listen to him and then follow him into a hurting world.  Heal and touch people in the name of Jesus.  Leave the enemy behind.


Lord, may you continue to daily write your laws on my heart.  Amen.


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