Monday, July 6, 2015

Where is your love?


Hosea 6:6     For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,
        the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.


God isn’t judging us by our sacrifices but by our steadfast love for him. Historically this word “love" has also been translated “mercy,” indicating the depth of this loving action which is to pour forth from the life of one who is a child of God.

God does not want sacrifices — he want us!

Jesus quoted this verse when preaching. God has constantly been drawing us into a deeply loving relationship with him in which we know him on a very intimate level. This is what he desires rather than all the “things” that we can “do” for him! 


We may feel called to “do” numerous things for God. Sometimes we feel that we have to defend him. We may feel that we have to be working hard at the church 24/7. We may think that we have to do volunteer work so that God will be happy with us. All of these may be extremely good things in which to engage, but if they are done out of the overflow of a heart full of love for God, they are nothing.

Where is your love?

Love comes from the overflow of time spent in God’s holy presence. We are to be a healthy and whole people who slow down and soak in him. Spending time day in and day out spinning our wheels means that we think that everything depends on us. Bathing in his presence reminds us that it’s all about him and then from that time with him, we will know where he wants us to spend our time and energy.

Love for God will be displayed in love for others. God doesn’t need us to defend him, he wants us to love him. Steadfast love, an on-going an intimate relationship with our holy God, is what should guide and direct all that we do.

Where is your love taking you today?


Lord, may I live in and soak in the love of your holy presence this day. Amen.

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