Mutual Love


Heb. 13:1    Let mutual love continue.


The recipients of the letter to the Hebrews were already engaged in a Christian life which revealed God’s love. This is simply an encouragement that what they’ve already been doing should continue. Mutual love is to be a very normal reflection of the holy life. We are to serve God by serving others and when this happens, preserve what you have! Guard this mutual love and protect it for the precious gift that it is!


The point is that followers of Jesus Christ are to love one another — even when they don’t always like what the other does!

This should be revealed in the life of the local church.

In a Christian marriage.

In a pastor - congregation relationship.

In a working environment.

In a worship service.

In a parent-child relationship.

In a neighbor - neighbor relationship.

In a leadership role.

This mutual love is a precious gift of God that the enemy would do everything possible to destroy. Guard this love. Put up every protective force that exists to keep it safe. Be intentional about expressing that love to others.

Only in this way will the love of our holy God be reflected in you and me. The mutual love found in the Trinity — shining out through the mutual love found among believers.


Lord, please reflect your love through me today.  Amen.

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