Are You Getting It?


Luke 24:45 Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures,


Jesus had shared with the disciples from the scriptures throughout his entire ministry.  They should have been able to see and to clearly understand, and yet they did not.  They had seen that the scriptures pointed toward the coming of the Messiah and they believed and yet, somehow they were unable to connect those scriptures with Jesus.  On the road to Emmaus the followers were able to discuss scripture with Jesus, but it wasn't until he broke bread with them that they suddenly saw and understood that it was him!  In this moment when Christ appears to his disciples the dots begin to connect.  This is their "aha" moment when it all begins to make sense.  Their minds have been opened and now they are "getting it." 


I think of all the times in my own life when I just haven't "gotten it."  This may be in relation to understanding the scriptures, or in simply finding the Lord's leadership and direction in life.  I've been reading the Bible through each year for many years now.  I'm surprised how each time I discover new truths.  I believe that the Lord continues to open my mind to understanding the scriptures in new and different ways.  There should never be a time when we think that we are finished or that we have gotten everything that there is for us to get out of the word.  Instead, the scriptures should be lifelong companions in the journey, ever opening to us deeper truths in our relationship and walk with him.  Just when I thought I was "getting it" last year, now I am "getting it" anew as I walk new paths on my journey with Jesus.

The disciples didn't understand all the implications for the coming kingdom of God.  They thought they did, but they really didn't.  They thought they wanted things to happen a particular way, but that wasn't Jesus' way -- and it's because they simply did not "get it."  Only when their minds were opened were they able to get a clear picture and understanding of all that was going on.  It became an "aha" moment for them when they realized where they fit into the whole picture.  No, it wasn't what they had thought they wanted, nor what they had anticipated, but now -- they got it! 

There are times when we think we know what we want from God.  We think that we understand the direction -- where he is leading, but we are not seeing it all clearly.  Jesus instructed his followers to go to Jerusalem and wait until they were "clothed with power from on high."  He knew that when this happened they would be empowered on a daily basis to "get it."  From the day of Pentecost onward the disciples truly do "get it."  They see the world and the kingdom of God through Jesus' eyes and their actions reveal this very fact.  No longer is there any discussion about political overthrow or worldly power, instead they follow the path of Jesus and become reflections of him everywhere they go. 

There is more to the word than meets the eye.  The word draws us into a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ, engaging us to participate in the kingdom.  Do you get it?


Lord, please help me to have my mind open and to get it so that I may faithfully serve you in the kingdom.  Amen.


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