The LORD’s promises


Psa. 125:1     Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion,
        which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
Psa. 125:2     As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
        so the LORD surrounds his people,
        from this time on and forevermore.


There are those in life who will trust in the LORD and those who will not.  For those who trust in the LORD there is a promise.  Think about the safety of Mount Zion — and just as the mountain cannot be moved but remains forever, so does the LORD.  Not only does he remain forever but he also surrounds us in the safety of his loving care and embrace.  This is his promise for his people!


There are many things in life in which we may be tempted to put our trust.

The athlete puts their trust in their physical abilities.
The scientists puts their trust in their knowledge.
The actor puts their trust in their talent.

But there will come a time when our own personal skills and abilities will begin to fade.  So will the abilities and faculties of those around you.  When all of these begin to disappear, what will we have left?  Not much!  

Mostly the things in which we put our trust are temporal and they can become distractions in our relationship with the Lord.  That’s where this promise comes in to play.

When our trust is in him we begin to see everything through a new and different lens.  The things that life throws our way are simply temporal and mean nothing in light of the eternal.  Mostly they are distractions and are meant to keep us from seeing that God, the mighty mountain of strength is waiting to wrap us in his strong arms.  There is an eternal view to life and when we seek the face of God we begin to understand things from his perspective.  It makes the things of life seem so very fragile in light of his might. 

In America we are heading into a long weekend of celebrating a season of thankfulness and gratitude.  I choose to put my trust in the LORD and I am grateful for his promise of eternal and abiding strength now and forevermore. 


Lord, thank you for your promises.   Amen.


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