What’s that Light? #Batsignal


2Cor. 4:6 For it is the God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.


God is the creator of all light.  In the beginning of the creation story God says, “let there be light.”  And it is this God of all creation who is in a personal relationship with you and with me.  The creator of all light shines the light of knowledge into our hearts. It is the light of God’s understand that when shone into our lives reveals Truth; and Jesus is the Truth!  Therefore the light will always lead us to the One who reveals the glory of God, and that is Jesus Christ, the incarnate One.  Jesus, God in human flesh, is the one from whom the light emanates day in and day out — and this light is the glory of God.  It is only in turning toward Christ, only in being in personal relationship with him, when we seek his face that the light of the glory of God shines down upon us.  Our mirrors, turned toward him will then reflect the glory of God, the light of Jesus, to a sin darkened world. 


I moved to America between my 2nd and 3rd grade year of schooling and became mesmerized by American television.  We had a very small black and white t.v. set and yet, when I came home from school in the afternoons I wanted to watch and see and learn all that I could.  One of my favorite shows was the old Batman.  Looking at those shows now they are pretty lame, but I thought they were highly exciting.  The leaders of Gotham City had devised a way to call Batman when they needed his help — and when there was a problem they would shine a bright light into the sky in the shape of a bat — it was the batsignal.  A shining light that signaled a call for help.

In the case of batman the light was only a cry for help.  Batman would need to come and save the day.  When it comes to God, it is in the light itself that we find our way to God.  The very glory of God is revealed in the light.  Remember when Moses went up on the mountain and spent time with God and when he returned home his face shone.  The people couldn’t look at him for the light was too bright and he had to wear a veil over his face.  The light wasn’t a call for help, in they light they truly would have found their help — but in their case, they were afraid, and so they made him cover it up.

Most of the inhabitants of the world are living in darkness and they desperately need the light of the glory of God.  We, as followers of Christ, have a responsibility to seek the face Jesus and in doing so his light will be reflected in and through us.  We are the ones who are to take the light of the Creator into the world.  If we do not go, how will they experience God?  Therefore our task is two-fold;  seek the face of Jesus so that his glory will shine down upon us, and then go and take that light into every dark nook and cranny of the world that so desperately needs to know him.

There is no need to shine the batsignal, instead we are to be the signal of healing.  May the world be stunned and exclaim, “What’s that light?”


Lord, please help me to be your light today.  Amen.


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