Build the Big Beautiful House

Build the Big Beautiful House


Hebrews 6:1
Therefore let us go on toward perfection, leaving behind the basic teaching about Christ, and not laying again the foundation:


The Christian walk is never static.  The word "walk" implies we are going somewhere, and the author is pointing us in a direction, toward a goal.  This is not a time to be running around in circles.  Instead this is a journey, leading us ever onward toward perfection.

We are called to a journey of continual progress toward the goal, to completion in Christ.  That's why we move on from the very basic teachings which we have already learned and are encouraged into a deeper walk.  The foundation has already been laid.  Now we are to build on that foundation a beautiful holy life that looks more and more like Jesus himself.


Just as a builder has a blueprint for a building, so God has a blueprint for our lives.  The plan leads us to completion....a beautiful and perfect likeness of the image, Jesus Christ.  Sadly, too many never get to the real structure that is intended in the construction plans for they spend too much time rebuilding the foundation over and over again.

Somehow we have bought into the argument that just getting saved is enough.  We build the foundation.  As a child I used to walk past a house in Nampa, Idaho that was just a basement.  The foundation had been laid but instead of going on and finishing the entire house, the people finished the basement and added a door and that was it.  It looked rather odd in the middle of a neighborhood with finished houses all around.

Just imagine an entire neighborhood of basement only houses.  Could it be that is how we are living spiritually.  We are satisfied with what we have.  "Thanks, Jesus, I'm saved and going to heaven!"  And we live in and readjust the basement, never allowing the entire structure to be built.  Jesus didn't die for the basement.  Jesus died to make us his holy people....he died for the whole big beautiful house!

For the big house to be built we have to work together with God.  Just as a house doesn't get built on its own, neither does our spiritual life.  Paul has told us to become imitators of Christ.  If I want to be like him, why not imitate him.  Why not join with him in building the house...spend time with him, read the word, pray...and then engage in the world the same way he would engage in the world.  Allow him to transform the rough rocks into beautiful gems, continually moving on toward completion, or perfection.

The blueprints are beautiful. God's plan is tremendous!  Why are you satisfied with the ugly basement when he has promised you the beautiful house?


Lord, please help me never to simply be satisfied, but to continually move on with you.  Amen.


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