A Model for Prayer


Psa. 105:1      ¶ O give thanks to the LORD, call on his name,
        make known his deeds among the peoples.
Psa. 105:2     Sing to him, sing praises to him;
        tell of all his wonderful works.
Psa. 105:3     Glory in his holy name;
        let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
Psa. 105:4     Seek the LORD and his strength;
        seek his presence continually.


The Psalmist had a deeply intimate relationship with the LORD. He knew what it meant to spend time in the LORD’s presence and to seek his face. In this Psalm he provides us with a model from what he has learned in his personal relationship to the LORD.

He begins his prayer by giving thanks to the LORD. It’s time for God’s people to give him thanks for all that he has done and to call on his name. There is a suggestion of intimacy here that one would call upon the name of the LORD — because by knowing the name of the LORD, one has become close to God. We are invited into this friendship with God and are to call him by name. We are also to brag on our God and let those around us know of our thanksgiving to God for he has been engaged in our lives and has been working. Therefore as we enter into the sanctuary of prayer we give thanks, calling out to God and letting others know what it is that he has done!

This is just the preamble to this time in the LORD’s presence. Next it is important to sing to him, to sing and praise God for all of his wonderful works. Some may not be able to carry a tune at all but that doesn’t matter to God. It is the motivation that we find at the center of it all — the motivation of a heart turned toward the God whom we love. The Psalmist was a musician and so this was a powerful way for him to express his deep and abiding love for God.

Either through music or by simply sitting in God’s presence it’s possible to “glory in his holy name.” Just imagine the difference between the living God and the gods that other people serve. Whenever we see the word “glory” we should think of God’s holy presence. It is possible to experience the living God’s holy presence in the here and now. Therefore when we call upon his name, he comes to us and we are able to participate and fellowship with the God of all creation. No wonder we are encouraged to “let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice!” Rejoicing is the automatic response to being blessed by his holy presence.

Finally in our model for prayer we are encouraged to continually seek the Lord. Day in and day out we desire to be in his holy presence and we seek him out. After we have tasted and seen how sweet the LORD is we will desire to be with him at all times. His strength will fill us day after day to accomplish what he desires as we walk and talk and dwell in his presence.


The Psalmist was onto something in his prayer life. We are in need of this same intimacy with the LORD. May we follow his example and be led into a deeper and continual walk in God’s presence today and everyday.


Lord, thank you for the sweetness of your presence which gives strength every day.  Amen.


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