Left Behind


Luke 17:32 Remember Lot’s wife.
Luke 17:33 Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it.


In just a short and simple little verse we are reminded to remember Lot’s wife. She was offered freedom and yet she was reluctant. We remember that she looked back and could it be that she remembered what it was that she had left behind. I’m wondering if it was more than just a simple look back, but was it actually a turning and running back to the city because she felt that what she had left behind was more important than where she was going? Placed within the context of this Scripture it appears that she may have been wanting to get something she had left behind that would help to make her feel more secure about her life. Her dependency was not on the Lord, but on the things that she had accumulated in the world. She turned back because of what she had left behind and lost her life, becoming a monument as a reminder that we are not to go back. Leave the things of the past behind, never turn back and keep our eyes fixed on the One who is leading us away to safety and new life.


I venture that too often we get hung up on worrying that we may be left behind and we don’t realize that we may be drawn to the things of this world that we are to leave behind. This was exactly Lot’s wife’s problem. We are to leave behind us the old life and the things that the world had to offer. For the Israelites it meant leaving Jerusalem behind and moving on in a spiritual life that would change them in new and radical ways. We are challenged to grow spiritually in ways in which we may have never imagined but the only way in which this is possible to is to leave behind the past, never looking back and never hesitating, thinking that you still needed that old stuff.

We want to live into the future that the Lord has for us. The reality is that future may look radically different from the past but we cannot worry about the things we have left behind. Let them be! Looking to the past and clinging to the things we are asked to leave behind will only lead us to death. Let go, never looking back to what was left behind but focusing on all the graciousness of our loving God — in this there is life both for today and all of eternity.


Lord, thank you for your glorious peace and direction.  Amen.


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