Praying for Rain


Zech. 10:1      ¶ Ask rain from the LORD
        in the season of the spring rain,
    from the LORD who makes the storm clouds,
        who gives showers of rain to you,
        the vegetation in the field to everyone.


The people were instructed to ask God to pour out his rain upon the land, just when it was needed. Spring rain was significant in that it helped to ripen the crop just before it was to be harvested. This rainfall would determine the quality of the harvest for the people of God. Metaphorically it also speaks of the end times when we are to also pray for rain for God’s harvest. It is the Lord who pours our his grace to grow the vegetation. We are to pray for the rain. God brings the rain and through his action we are blessed with the harvest.


I must confess that I stopped at this Scripture today because I had been eye-balling the weather forecast. I was kind-of joking with the Lord about the fact that we don’t need anymore rain in Kansas City today, but it looks like it will be another thunderstorm filled adventure. But God’s rain is something different. We pray for his rain to fall upon us and those around us. We are to pray for God’s grace to be abundant in the lives of those whom we encounter. We are to be a people of prayer, seeking the face of God in all that we do and praying for his rain to come at just the right time!

Today the thunderstorms are a reminder to me of God’s presence in the rain. He has poured out his grace in abundance — may we play in the rain, jumping and splashing in the puddles of his grace.


Lord, thank you for your rainfall. May we be faithful with what you provide. Amen.


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