Peace in Unity


Psa. 133:0   A Song of Ascents.
1     How very good and pleasant it is
        when kindred live together in unity!
2     It is like the precious oil on the head,
        running down upon the beard,
    on the beard of Aaron,
        running down over the collar of his robes.
3     It is like the dew of Hermon,
        which falls on the mountains of Zion.
    For there the LORD ordained his blessing,
        life forevermore.


The unity found in the Trinity is to be reflected in God’s people. Often we talk about the individual nature of our spiritual lives and growth with the resultant reflection of Christ in our lives. But corporately, as God’s people, we are to grow ever closer to our Lord, ever being perfected, and in this case, we are to reflect the unity found in God. When this corporate reflection is noted, then it spreads in a way that brings the healing balm of anointing oil to God’s people and beyond.

Unity among God’s people becomes an eschatological vision, as refreshing as the morning dew and a foreshadowing the eternal. This future is anticipated in the coming of the Prince of Peace and all the while, God’s people are called to live into his unifying presence.


This Psalm is one which we can be sung, but also prayed. I believe that we are called to pray for unity among God’s people and to pray quite specifically for those who cause divisions. The enemy of our faith has no greater joy than to try and divide God’s people. When we are fractured and being overly critical of one another then there is no unity. I think the enemy works overtime on this project because I have seen some of the worst fractures and divisions in the church.

Let us pray that God will unite his sons and daughters within the church — and across denominational lines so that Christians will be the anointing balm that this world needs. As long as we are fractured we are unable to give witness to the Prince of Peace. Together, we can reflect the community of the Holy Trinity, wrapped up in holy love, and shine God’s light into the dark corners of our world.


Lord, I pray for unity among your children.  Amen.

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