THE Name

Psa. 113:2        Blessed be the name of the LORD
        from this time on and forevermore.
3     From the rising of the sun to its setting
        the name of the LORD is to be praised.
4     The LORD is high above all nations,
        and his glory above the heavens.


The name of God, the LORD had been revealed to Moses at the burning bush. The LORD, the great “I am that I am” is God’s name forever and title for all generations (Ex. 3:15). The name reveals us to us the very nature of God and a commitment to life. There is an endlessness that is expressed in the name of the LORD and praise responds at its revelation. All of creation joins in praising the LORD whose name is worthy of all praise.

Every now and then I have to get up really early to catch a flight. If I leave the house between four and five in the morning I experience something that I usually miss and that is the awakening of the birds. There is such an incredible cacophony of praise which can be heard throughout the trees of the early morning just before the rising of the sun, and it is stunning. Could it be that all creation is awakening with the dawn and praising the name of the LORD? If the simple creatures of this earth know how to praise God with the rising of the sun, why can we not do the same?

The Psalmist leads us into a beautiful song of praise before the LORD. Day in and day out praise and worship of the LORD should be on our lips for God is worthy of our praise. The name of the LORD reveals more than we can truly comprehend. We have tried to take YHWH — what is known as the “tetragrammaton” and translate it into something meaningful for all of us. Because there were no vowels in early Hebrew those four letters have been expanded to become Yahweh. Throughout our contemporary translations of Scripture whenever YHWH is encountered in the original Hebrew we find LORD — which is not to be confused with Lord in the New Testament. LORD, in all caps, is the English translation of YHWH. THE name means “I am” or “I am that I am,” THE name is the very root or essence of life itself and has eternal qualities. God has always been, is presently, and always will be. God is life itself.

The creatures awaken at the dawn and sing praises to the LORD. We are invited into that beautiful life of praise and worship of the One who brings life to all things. As we arise with the dawn and head out for the day may we join with all creation in singing our praises to the LORD who is worthy.

Lord, with the dawn of this new day, I praise your name. May praise for you be on my lips throughout this day until the setting of the sun. You are great and glorious. Amen.

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