Faith as a Cure for Fretting


Psa. 37:3        Trust in the Lord, and do good;
        so you will live in the land, and enjoy security.
4     Take delight in the Lord,
        and he will give you the desires of your heart.


Examining the landscape of humanity it’s easy to get discouraged. It seems especially true that the wicked are flourishing and living the good life, and yet this Psalm juxtaposes faith against that view.  But it’s hard for us to find that place of peace while living in a world that is so full of change. The Psalmist suggests that it’s time to trust in the Lord, and this is evidenced by engaging in the good. There is something active required of those who will have faith and trust in the Lord. This is not a passive, but an active relationship.

Engaging in the good for the Israelites meant that they would be able to live safely and securely in the promised land. Their participation in the good works of the Lord would become a type of synergistic activity that would provide the opportunity to enjoy life.

This participation in good works leads to fellowship with God. It is in this relationship with God that we fall in love with the Lord who has been leading us. As we fall in love, we delight and the relationship grows and blossoms. God’s desires become our desires and the cure for fretting comes as the desires of our heart are met by the overwhelming love of our holy God.


We are all prone to scope out the current landscape and wonder where we fit in. Too much of this examination may create within our hearts and lives a sense of fear, for it may appear that the evil-doers are winning the day. That’s what happens when we continually keeps our eyes on what is happening with others, rather than the work of God. There is a cure for all of this fretting and it only comes by changing the focus of our lives.

We must give attention to the things of God and when that happens, then everything else begins to blur into the distance. Stepping out in faith we are to put our trust in the Lord. Our faith is seen  by the way we act, day in and day out. Serving God is not passive. When we are living in faithful fellowship with the Lord, our hearts are stirred into action. There are so many things in this world that break the heart of God and they should break ours as well. We must go out, reach into the cities, listening to the cries of the hurt and lonely, and bring them the love of Jesus.

Delighting in the Lord is the by-product of dwelling in the Lord’s holy tent. In the midst of all the fear and despair we are invited into the sacred space of a holy relationship with God. This becomes a cure for fretting as the peace of God calms our hearts and assures us in the moments of our fears. The world may seem as if it’s in chaos but in the presence of God there is peace. Faith will lead us to the land of God, a space where we discover the incredible holy love of God and a peace that will allow us to trust and do good. All of this will replace the fear that may be growing in our hearts. Suddenly there will no longer be room for fear, but it will be replaced by the delightful love of God which was found while abiding and trusting in the Lord.


Lord, the view is troubling. Help me to focus and trust in you. Amen.


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