What Is Your Heart Telling You?

Psalm 27:8     “Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!”
        Your face, Lord, do I seek.


In the midst of David's Psalm we discover an on-going and continuous relationship with God. We are instructed to seek the face of God, but at the same time God’s face is not hidden from us. When we catch a glimpse of the face of God, by divine intervention the yearning in our heart grows. Our desire becomes more and more for the face of the one who is constantly facing in my direction, drawing me ever closer to God’s holy presence. Therefore, we believe it is a command, but at the same time it is God’s divine work in our lives. The more we seek God, the more that our hearts are stirred by the longing to be in God’s presence.

Along the way we discover that we are falling in love. We become lovers of God who earnestly desire the beauty that is found in Christ. This song and prayer of David’s begins to resonate within our heart as we discover the deep love that God has for us. It is the will of God that we would seek God’s face. When we come before God in prayer, our hearts begin to echo God’s heart and so by the touch of the Divine, our hearts are melted with love and our desire becomes for God alone. We seek the face of God and God stirs our heart to seek the face of God and finally we stand face to face with God incarnate — Jesus Christ.

The call to holiness is the call to seek the face of God. Only by being in a face to face relationship with God, are we able to reflect God. David’s heart is telling him to seek the face of God and ultimately, he comes to he place where he desires nothing more. This becomes the overwhelming desire of his heart and life.


This prayer of David’s is to become the prayer for all of humanity. When Christ comes in the flesh we are able to visibly see God. Becoming like Jesus becomes the goal for all of humanity. God wants us to seek Jesus’ face and reflect him to the world. Jesus’ reflection of holy love is to so fill our beings that there is no room for anything else in our lives.

Our hearts will become consumed with the things that we make a priority in our lives. Even those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ may have their hearts burning for that new motorcycle, or vacation, or job. This may even be true for people who are serving in full-time ministry. The vocation may become more important than the One who has called us to that vocation.

When we jump out of bed in the morning is our heart telling us to seek the face of God? If not, then what?

Our prayer should be for God’s divine intervention in our lives so that our one desire would be to seek God’s face. After that, everything else falls into place.


Lord, may the desire of my heart be to seek your face. Amen.


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