Pure Light


1John 1:5   This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. 


The light of God shines eternally and into every nook and cranny of our lives and the world. God is light. 


As I was laying in bed this morning I was able to watch the sun rise over the mountains. The morning dawned with beautiful rays of red, blue and gold as the sky began to welcome in the newness of this resurrection day. In just a few short moments we went from darkness to light and the whole world was transformed. There is something about the light which draws us out of the shadows and into the beauty of God reflected in creation. 

Tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse where, for a couple of minutes, the sun will be turned to darkness in the middle of the day. Many people are anticipating this experience and wondering what it will be like to watch the sun turn from pure light into dark during daytime hours. Of course there is much speculation as to what may happen here on earth during that time and there are people planning all kinds of odd rituals. It seems that the idea of darkness brings out strange behaviors, in comparison to the light which brings transformation. In the pure light we see everything differently, for there is no longer anything that can be hidden.

Isn’t that the point, that in God’s pure light, nothing can be hidden. We can’t hide from our sin or our past. We can’t hide from our bad attitudes or our lack of love. In the pure light of God’s holy love, everything is revealed. And God is pure light where there is no darkness. 

We are called to walk as children of light, leaving the shadows of darkness behind. In the pure light of God’s holy love the pathway is illuminated and we can be led by the loving hand of God. Pure light draws toward our holy and loving heavenly Father. Called to purity, we step into the light and allow the rays to shine into the hidden recesses of our lives, and give the light space to transform those hidden recesses. We then walk together with God as children of the light. 


Lord, thank you for the beauty of a new day in which we can celebrate your beautiful creation. The light has dawned on all that you have made, reminding me of the pathway which you have illuminated for my life and the days ahead. Please, help me to continually walk in your light. Amen. 


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