The Joy of Face to Face Conversation


2John 12   Although I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink; instead I hope to come to you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete.


While there was a time and place for letters, there was also a particular space for face to face conversation. The emotional connection expected in that face to face conversation can be noted from the comment, “so that our joy may be complete.” Closing the gap on distance makes a difference in the reality of a relationship.


Many of the writers in the Bible would talk about “seeking the face of God.” You could almost hear in their words a straining to be in a face to face relationship with God. This was a desire for a face to face conversation and in this place, joy would be made complete. We are also to this desire for a face to face relationship with God. Straining ever onward to higher planes of a relationship, we seek the face of God because we know that in that moment of face to face communication, our joy will be made complete. The closer that we are to God, the more that the reflection of God incarnate, Jesus, is made clear in our lives. The very nature of God becomes purely reflected in and through us because of our face to face conversations with God. 

Far too much conversation is occurring these days in social media. Instead of face to face conversations with our brothers and sisters, we spend time talking at one another through media. The result is that it becomes far too easy to insult others and make harsh comments without thinking about the consequences. We say things on social media that we would never say in a face to face conversation with another person. Somehow just writing things takes away the relational aspect, and this is hurting us. We need to take these words to heart and go have some face to face conversations with people. 

When we are face to face with God, we are transformed. When we are face to face with others, we will also be transformed because we will begin to know them and understand their heart and motivation. This is just the same for God for the more face time we spend with God, the more that we will get to know God’s heart and the things that break the heart of God, will break my heart. When we spend time in face to face conversation with others we will discover that it is much more difficult to be critical, and much easier to be empathetic. 

It is in the personal relationship that joy comes to fulfillment or fruition. Taking time out to be face to face with God and others will open up channels for God’s grace to flow through us and to others. This is a place for great joy!


Lord, please help me to take the time for those face to face relationships that are transforming. Amen. 


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