Grace and Peace


Eph. 1:2   Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


This greeting is found in five of the Epistles attributed to the apostle Paul. While we may simply see it as routine, there must also have been great significance. This salutation sets the tone for the letter, recognizing that both grace and peace come from God the Father, and Jesus Christ. Only when we embrace the unmerited grace of God, can we live in the gift of the Prince of Peace. There is no peace without grace, and all of this comes freshly supplied to those who want to grow spiritually. 


Sometimes I wonder about how seriously we consider our faith, or whether it’s something that gets put on the back burner and pulled out whenever its needed. What strikes me about Paul is his intentionality in all that he says and does. Right from the outset he makes it clear that everything must be focused on the unwarranted grace and peace which we receive from God. 

In my tradition we talk much about prevenient grace and salvation, but sometimes forget to continue the conversation. As we learn to grow spiritually we are to live grace-infused lives as the Spirit draws us closer to the Lord. We are all in need of continual grace if we are to be shaped and molded into the “saints” of which Paul speaks. The language of “saints,” is not about those who are super-human, but those who are being sanctified by the on-going presence of Christ in their lives. In Paul’s vernacular, we are all being called to become “saints,” and this, only by the grace of God. We need to walk in grace every single day of our lives.

The Prince of Peace has provided a pathway for us to become united in holy fellowship with the Triune God. The peace of God can permeate our very being and transform the ways in which we live our lives. The anxiety and stress riddled daily journey is not God’s intent for those who are living in the peace of Christ. 

We may want to consider greeting one another with intentionality. May the grace and peace which only comes from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ be poured out in and through our lives today.


Lord, thank you for the promise of grace and peace. Amen. 


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