Samuel Oketch, NCM AEF Coordinator wraps labels across homebank tins meant for BottleaAid Campaign. Looking on is Collins, our security guard.
NCM AEF is engaging Kenya Nazarene churches to contribute towards GBV Project by way of BottleAid Campaign. The Campaign was launched by Samuel Oketch at Madungu Centre in Lake  Victoria district on 12th April, 2013 during pastors regular meetings. 60 pastors at the event admitted the reality of GBV in our society and agreed to drive the campaign in their churches. To show their seriousness, each and every pastor picked a home bank tin for their churches. So far we have distribed 250 homebanks tins to 250 Nazarene churches in three of our six Kenyan districts. We are yet to launch the campaign in Rift Valley, Western, and Central Districts. Central District Campaign launch is scheduled for this Saturday May 25th at Central Church of the Nazarene during pastros’ regular meetings. There after we are going to organize with our District Superintendents on how to do a similar event in Rift Valley, and Western Districts. This campaign is driven by our pastors, and NCM district Coordinators. We are hoping to reach atleast 300 Nazarene churches with this campaign in Kenya and another 10 non-Nazarene churches.

The non-Nazarene churches are being reached by volunteers who have shown interested in raising awareness on GBV in our society. Recently Faith Wafula, a university student heard of our GBV campaign awareness through a friend and came to express her interest in helping us raise funds. She said, “I am always interested in supporting GBV activities and especially fund raising that I am very good at.” We are hoping that through her, we can get BottleAid Campaign spreading to universities.

For More information
Samuel Oketch
NCM AEF Co-ordinator


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