A Covenant Sighting


Rev. 11:19 ¶ Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.


The seventh trumpet has sounded and the apostasy of this earth is beyond human comprehension, but just when it seems that all hope is gone, there is a Covenant Sighting. Even in the midst of such calamities which are the result of human unfaithfulness God is revealed. There is a vision of God’s temple in heaven and there in the very midst is the ark of the covenant. This vision, revealed to all of humanity in numerous ways, remains until the very end. God’s covenant promise to his people will never be destroyed.

Just as the ark of Noah was an ark of covenant with God’s people, so the ark within the Temple remained as a sign of God’s promise and now with a vision of apocalyptic times the steadfastness of God’s covenant is again revealed.

Not only is the covenant revealed as an everlasting promise to God’s people, but all of creation responds with admonitions of God’s power and authority to rule. God is victorious over all evil and even creation responds to his glory and presence!


Our own lives may become increasingly difficult. We never know what the next day will bring and yet we go on from day to day in faith, trusting God for our lives and future. At the same time I believe that God wants us to have Covenant Sightings. This vision for John was to provide him with hope. Interwoven throughout Scripture we have heard and seen the ark of the covenant, but the physical covenant was lost long ago. John had never seen the ark of the covenant, and now he was living in exile on an Island. Why would this vision come to him now — this covenant sighting?

God is constantly reaching out to his beloved children, wanting them to know how much they are loved. He wants us to have covenant sightings along the way in life and they may happen at the most unusual time and places. Last evening I was coming home from a week out of town and decided to stop at the grocery store on my way from the airport. Just as I was making my way through the fruit and vegetables a voice called out, “Dr. Sunberg.” I turned and there was one of our Seminary students, Jordan. He works in this store and was just cleaning up for the night but took a few moments to stop and visit with me. He shared with me where he is on his journey into ministry and I began to realize that in his story was a revelation of covenant. In response to God’s call in his life, Jordan is a living covenant sighting.

Our own lives are to be covenant sightings for those around us. When the curtain is drawn back and God’s hand is revealed in our lives, the world will see the covenant revealed. There will be times when just a glimpse of the covenant will be enough to encourage someone going through very dark days. The glory of God is revealed when the covenant is on full display in the activity of God’s children.


Lord, may I be a carrier of your covenant today.  Amen.


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