Where Does God Dwell?


Dan. 2:11 The thing that the king is asking is too difficult, and no one can reveal it to the king except the gods, whose dwelling is not with mortals.”


Daniel and his friends have been taken into exile in Babylon. They were now in royal service to the King. One night the King has a very disturbing dream and asks for the magicians, astrologers, etc. to come and, not only interpret the dream, but tell him what his dream was! They are dumbfounded at his request and their response is today’s Scripture. This could only be revealed by gods — “whose dwelling is not with mortals.” This was because they did not understand about the one true God, but Daniel did. This statement is also a foreshadowing of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. God spoke through Daniel but all the way along the story is pointing toward the coming of Jesus Christ. God does come and dwell with mortals.


This understanding regarding God living among mortals is vital for us. Our God is not like anything the world has experienced. God is not carved out of wood or chiseled out of a rock. God is not mute. God is not blind. And yet these are the things that the people of the world worshipped back in Daniel’s day and, surprisingly, continue to worship today.

The magicians of Daniel’s day were terrified at the King’s request. They were to be put to death for not responding to what the King wanted for their gods were not capable of anything that the King was asking.

Our God is capable of responding and dwelling with mortals. Not only does God dwell with mortals through the presence of the Holy Spirit, but the invitation is for us to dwell with God. The true God has made it possible for us to have this type of a relationship with him, one in which we can fellowship with God who does dwell with mortals.

Daniel had a very powerful prayer life. He was always faithful to pray, even when it meant that he could be punished. We are invited into this type of intimate relationship with God who has chosen to dwell among, in and through mortals. This is an amazing mystery and yet it is for real! May God help us to live into the reality of his presence among us.


Lord, thank you for your dwelling place here with us.  Amen.


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