The God Beloved by Women


Dan. 11:37 He shall pay no respect to the gods of his ancestors, or to the one beloved by women; he shall pay no respect to any other god, for he shall consider himself greater than all.


The prophetic vision provided in the book of Daniel has led to much speculation throughout the years. Depending on their context the commentary writer places this within their time. Calvin examines this Scripture in light of the movement of Islam and claims that it could be Mohammed about whom this is written. Calvin comments on Mohammed’s view toward women and the way in which polygamy was encouraged led women to be disrespected. In the same commentary Calvin takes on the Pope and argues that celibacy takes away the love that God had intended for women and men to experience in a marriage relationship. Another commentator places this within Church history at a time soon after Daniel and that it referred to the arrogance of the ruler who was so self-centered that he didn’t recognize the pagan god worship of women that surrounded him. But then there are those who look at this Scripture and see in it a foreshadowing of the presence of Jesus Christ in the world. That this Scripture speaks of a time in the distant future and when there will be leaders who do not respect Jesus Christ, the one beloved by women.

Could this be a vision and descriptor of Jesus? Absolutely! In a very unique fashion Jesus broke down the barriers between the genders. He lifted women up out of their poverty, he cleansed them from their impurity and he spoke to and educated them. An entire team of women disciples followed him as he traveled, helping to provide financing and support for the ministry. Jesus reached out and loved women as no other god. Yes, this could have been a foreshadowing of the God beloved by women.


Many religions do not overtly upset the cultural norms by showing love and respect toward women. Christianity may not always live up to her billing in terms of respect of women, but if we follow the story and examine the way in which Jesus Christ interacted with women, we can be inspired! There is something counter-cultural about the way in which our Messiah leads us to view women in a different light and this becomes the prophetic voice. Daniel was recording what he had viewed and in the end times leadership would have no respect for Traditions of the past. The God of Israel is our God! Our God is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, the one who is and was beloved by women!

Jesus has come to set the marginalized free! We worship and praise Jesus Christ today the one who is willing to break down the barriers which we as humans create and lift up women and men in the kingdom. In his kingdom there are no barriers and brothers and sisters are set free to work side by side serving him. This is the vision of the future and the hope which exists within Jesus’ kingdom. May we live into that future as we trust in him and do not allow ourselves to become distracted by leaders who have no respect for our Messiah.


Lord, thank you for your incredible love which you bestow upon those whom the world would never notice.  Amen.


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