Carrying A Heavy Burden


2Cor. 11:28 And, besides other things, I am under daily pressure because of my anxiety for all the churches.


Paul had dedicated himself to the birthing of numerous churches. Now, the weight of “parenting” those churches weighed heavily on him. He had a sense of “anxiety” on a daily basis for those fledgling congregations. Not only would they have been young, small and struggling, but they would also have been under pressure from government authorities. The persecutions would begin and his “beloved children” constantly under pressure. Until the very end Paul did not give up his responsibility and lovingly guided and prayed for them on a daily basis.


We all carry burdens in our lives. We may have birthed children, churches, relationships, or organizations. Paul understood both physical and emotional pressure. He had suffered both of them.

His incredible love for the churches under his care came with an emotional burden. It was one that drove him to the place of prayer on a daily basis. Not only did he pray, but he sought out ways to support them financially, help them out in crisis, give them counsel when things weren’t going the way they should, or simply share their pain in persecution. He never stopped being their beloved father.

Everything about who we are should exist to the very core of our being. When we are Christ followers — we are transformed through and through! We cannot help but carry a heavy burden for the things of Christ. His burdens become our burdens because we are united with him and that does not always make things easy. If we don’t have this sense of burden — then we must ask ourselves about our relationship with Christ!

Loving with Christ’s love brings with it a heavy burden for Christ bears a heavy burden for us. When we step into that relationship and are united with him we are forever transformed and we bear his likeness to the world around us. When he is saddened by the bride of Christ, the church, we are as well and we become like Paul…under daily pressure because for our anxiety for the church.

We carry a heavy burden!


Lord, may your love compel us to be heavily burdened with you. Amen.


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