What Will You Give To God?


Psalm 50:14     Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving,
        and pay your vows to the Most High.
15     Call on me in the day of trouble;
        I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”


The Psalmist has discovered two vital aspects in our relationship with God. Loving God involves thanksgiving and praise to God. First and foremost God must be worshipped in a place of priority. Our lives are to be filled with words and deeds of Thanksgiving to God on high. The ways in which we live, day in and day out, are to be holy unto God, that we ourselves are living sacrifices or worship to Him.

When our lives becomes worship, then we are able to call upon him when we are in trouble. We call upon the Lord and he delivers! But deliverance is done for the glorification and edification of God.


What will we give to God today? We can give him nothing short of everything! Our lives are to be living sacrifices of thanksgiving before him.

Living sacrifices are evidenced by our daily lives. Every single day the priority of our lives should be to worship God with thanksgiving.

We thank God for life.

We thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ.

We thank God for the opportunities to be engaged in relationships at work and at home that can be a sacrifice of thanksgiving before God.

We thank God for the difficulties so that in their midst we can pray!

We thank God for the opportunity to get to know him even more.

We thank God for his overwhelming love.

…and we give every moment of every day into God’s hands and we seek his leading and guidance in all that we say and do.

Our lives are to be God-directed in all things. That’s what this Psalm is really about. A life that is lived as a living sacrifice before God is glorifying to God. This is a life in which the very nature of God is revealed and which draws people into the direction of God. God will be glorified in the good and the bad because he has become the focus of all things.

What will we give to God today? If we’re hanging on and fighting too many battles on our own — we will lose!  Every passion and every desire must come under the submission and control of the Holy Spirit and only in this way will God be glorified.


Lord, thank you so much for your love and goodness in my life. May my life be a sacrifice of thanksgiving before you. Amen.


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