Avoiding the Chatter


1Tim. 6:20   Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the profane chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge;  21 by professing it some have missed the mark as regards the faith.
 Grace be with you.


Paul had invested heavily in Timothy and was proud of the work that he was doing. He encouraged him to remain faithful to the teaching he had received. There would always be those around who would want to lead him in a different direction; those who enjoyed spending lengthy time in debate, but that time in chatter just might begin a trajectory that could lead in the wrong direction. It may have been the beginning of Gnosticism that was creeping into the Christian world, this emphasis on “knowledge” but Timothy was to have none of it.  What had been handed to Timothy was sacred and he was entrusted to be a good steward. In doing so, he was to avoid all the distractions that would keep him from the task at hand.


I think people have always been drawn to “chatter.” Don’t we love to grab a cup of coffee and debate the issues of the day — political and theological? Sometimes, however, we can get so caught up in the conversation that we fail to rise above and see the consequences of some of the trajectories of our thought. In the early centuries of Christianity there were those who came up with some interesting ideas about the Trinity and about the nature of Christ but taken to their end there would be no salvation. Those who were caught up in the chatter were unable to see the danger in the arguments and suffered from a bit of near-sidedness.

We are to guard that which has been entrusted to us, and it is precious in the eyes of the Lord! As followers of Jesus Christ we are stewards of the faith which we have received. We have a responsibility to care for and use it well. What will the Master discover when he returns? Have we minded the kingdom or have we let it go? Is there good fruit or is the kingdom overrun with weeds and garbage? If we live into the chatter we may become so distracted that we will forget that which is vital and essential.

Guard the faith. Avoid the chatter and live into God’s grace.


LORD, thank you for words of encouragement that reach our ears.  Amen.

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