Making Today Count


Psalm 90:12     So teach us to count our days
        that we may gain a wise heart.


Sometimes we live as if we had all the time in the world. The reality is that our time here on earth is limited and those who are wise will recognize the need to carefully navigate the ways of life. Make the most of the opportunities that have been afforded to us and walk in the truth of God. Sometimes it's awfully hard to make up for lost time.


There have been times in my life when I have been tempted to worry away the days. I'm really good at being a worst-case scenario planner! I like to think through the worst-case scenarios and be prepared for all of them. This not necessarily a good way to live and it can consume so much time that you forget to actually live out the day which you have been given.

The writer of the Psalms is reminding us to trust in God -- to unite with God in his mission in the world! In doing so we realize that every single day is a gift from God and is an invitation to participation in the kingdom. When we spend time in worry, we miss out on what God is already doing today. It's much more exciting to open our eyes and see God's grace moving ahead and preparing a way.

Wisdom teaches us to make today count. There are plenty of distractions that would sap away our time and energy but when God's wisdom is leading us, we just may move in different directions. Follow after God -- and make today count!


Lord, thank you for the reminder about what really is important.  Amen.

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