Open for Examination

Psalm 139:23     Search me, O God, and know my heart;
        test me and know my thoughts.
24     See if there is any wicked way in me,
        and lead me in the way everlasting.


David opens himself up to examination from God. He is willing to place himself before God and requests that every nook and cranny of his being is searched. Not only does he ask God to examine his actions, but also his motivations. He is opening himself up to scrutiny before God most high and hides nothing. If there is any wickedness that remains in him, he wants God to point it out so that it can be removed and he can follow in the eternal pathways God has placed before him.


I’m guessing we all have thoughts that pop into our minds that we’d like to keep secret. There may be moments of anger, jealousy, and frustration. We may allow our thoughts or minds to linger in unhealthy spaces but we work really hard to keep all of this hidden from the people around us.

Having the light of examination shine into the deep recesses of our minds could make us feel incredibly uncomfortable, but that is exactly what David is asking God to do. In our context it is an invitation to the light of the Holy Spirit to shine into our lives and reveal to us our true motives.

Are we willing to join the Psalmist in this prayer? The only way that we are able to find a deeper place in our walk with the Lord is by opening ourselves up to examination. This is how we grow spiritually, and when the Holy Spirit takes control of our heart, thoughts, and motivations, then things begin to change. Our desire becomes God’s eternal pathway and nothing more. Every activity in life is motivated by a desire to become more like Christ. His reflection in our lives grows until the world sees Christ and Christ alone. There is no room for anything wicked to remain. The holy love of God so fills our being that sin is extinguished, for there is nothing left to fuel its activity. This is all possible when we allow ourselves to be examined by God.

Lord, search me. Amen.

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