Taking Stock

Psa. 48:12        Walk about Zion, go all around it,
        count its towers,
13     consider well its ramparts;
        go through its citadels,
    that you may tell the next generation
14         that this is God,
    our God forever and ever.
        He will be our guide forever.


The people of Jerusalem had been through a difficult time, besieged by one of their enemies. Now, that they had to take the time to inspect the city and determine whether there had been any damage. However, as they inspected for physical damage, as they took stock of their assets, the Psalm turns from an emphasis on the physical structures of the city and focuses on God. Their relationship with God and ability to pass along their faith to the next generation is of greater value than the physical structure of the city. Taking stock meant that they recognized the place of their eternal relationship and protection with God in comparison with the temporal structures of the city.

Every now and then we need to slow down and take stock of where we find ourselves in life. It may be that we have been dependent upon physical resources when we are called to be dependent upon God. Walking around our physical resources, or examining our bank accounts may be a good exercise. It was good that the Israelites made sure that the city walls and towers were in good condition. However, it was in making sure that these things were secure that they realized their dependence upon God. There is only so much that you and I can do to secure our own lives or our futures. The rest has to remain in God’s hands.

Taking stock leads us to testimony. It was in taking stock that the Israelites were telling the next generation about all that God had already done.

Last night I was on a walk with my family in an area of Kansas City known as the Plaza. Everywhere we went people were stumbling around looking at their cell phones. They were playing the game, Pokemon Go. They were completely absorbed in their virtual reality and quite oblivious to the world around them. While this may seem as if it is an extreme, I’m wondering if we’re facing a new reality where people are so caught up in social media and virtual worlds that they are losing the ability to communicate well with one another. If this is the case, how will we pass along our faith from one generation to another. Taking stock may mean that we have to put down our devices and have meaningful face to face conversations with one another and intentionally share the stories of our faith. Tell the next generation what it is that God has done for us. Tell them that God is our forever guide and protector.

Maybe today is the day in which we need to slow down and really take stock, and make a few decisions to intentionally live into our relationship with our holy and loving God.


Lord, please help me to live my life faithfully serving you. Amen.

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