Psa. 76:4        Glorious are you, more majestic
        than the everlasting mountains.


The mountains always provided a certain sense of security for the Israelites and yet also a senses of reverent fear and awe. They served as a natural barrier to protect the people from enemies. At the same time they were home to animals of prey who were to be feared. The mountains were majestic and proved to be more powerful than anything that a human could create, even within their imagination.

The Psalmist, looking over the mountains is overcome with the glorious majesty of God. While the mountains may be awesome — God is even greater. Only a tiny reflection of God’s glory is seen in the majestic mountains. The one in whom we are to trust is greater than everything our eye can behold.

I have awakened this morning to a beautiful view of mountains and yet, this Psalm reminds us that the one who created those mountains is so much greater. It’s normal to want to put our trust in the things of this world — the things that we can see, smell, touch and understand. I look at the mountains and they are incredible, but we serve a God who is even more glorious.

My morning view!

Today I choose to trust in the one who has created everything. He is more majestic than the everlasting mountains and he hasn’t given up on his people.

Lord, thank you for your promises. Please help me have the strength and the courage to live into your leading every day. Amen.


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