Prompt Obedience


Psalm 119:59 When I think of your ways,
        I turn my feet to your decrees;
60     I hurry and do not delay
        to keep your commandments.


The Psalmist’s prayer reveals spiritual growth. Prompt obedience was not always a way of life but now a new obedience was developing in the heart and life of the one who spent time in the presence of God. No longer is time spent in the sinful pleasures of this world, but the desire to follow God is immediate. Hearing and learning from God’s heart means a desire to hurry up and following the Lord’s leading in all things.


We don’t always want to respond to God’s leading in a prompt way. Mulling things over and taking time to try and decide whether God’s leading is a good thing — is never a good thing. The Psalmist would never have known how to promptly obey had he not spent time in the presence of God. When we do not act promptly, it may be that we unsure if we are hearing the voice of God. Responding promptly to the voice of God comes when we are familiar with the Lord’s voice.

I’ll admit it’s a little tough having my time with the Lord this morning. I’m writing this as my 19 month old granddaughter is next to me watching a little video with sing-a-long songs. This devotional comes with “The Wheels on the Bus.” At the same time she is fascinated by pictures she sees on my computer. Whenever she sees a picture of my husband she calls out “Pa!” While she hasn’t spent tons of time with him, she knows who grandpa is. She has become familiar with him and gets excited when she simply sees his picture.

Just as a little child learns to know the voices and faces of family members that they can trust, so we must have this kind of relationship with our heavenly Father. Then, when we hear God’s voice of leading we will know that it is from God. It takes no time to decide whether to follow, but we do it promptly and immediately. To delay would mean more pain and struggle in our own lives. This is not what God wants for us. Our loving “Pa!” wants to lead us away from sin and its devastating effects in our lives. This may be a new obedience for us, but we follow with hearts overflowing with love for the one who loves us.

Obedience comes from knowing the heart of the one who is ready and willing to lead. Prompt obedience will be life-changing.


Lord, please help me to listen to your heart and follow you today. Amen.


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