You Can’t Hide What You’re Up To

Is. 29:15        Ha! You who hide a plan too deep for the Lord,
        whose deeds are in the dark,
        and who say, “Who sees us? Who knows us?”


The people of Jerusalem thought that they could hide their political plans from God. In doing so they were showing contempt for the Creator, and they were doing it with great bravado. Not only did they think that God wouldn’t find out but they thought that other people wouldn’t either. Therefore they continued with their secret alliances and political intrigue. Any confrontation regarding their actions was met with the suppression of truth. It was as if they repeated their own lie often enough and loud enough, even they would believe it!

It is strange to imagine that we can hide anything from God, for not only does God know what we are up to, but God even knows our personal thoughts.


It seems as if we humans have always thought the we could hide the truth from one another, and quite specifically from God. We do these things because we don’t want to get caught behaving in a way which may be inappropriate or doing something we know we should not be doing. Sadly, this is also the case for those who may call themselves followers of Jesus Christ.

Do we ever try to short-change God by not giving our tithes and offerings? Then, do we try to make it look good — like we’ve given a lot but we really didn’t? Who are we fooling? Certainly not God who knows exactly what kinds of choices you are making with your finances.

Do we ever try to tell the world that we are followers of Jesus Christ and yet, we are unkind with the people we encounter every day? Don’t try to tell your family that you love Jesus while you don’t work on your marriage or love your children. Inauthentic Christians are one of the biggest reasons that people are struggling in their faith. The world knows quite a bit about what the Bible says and they struggle when what they experience is hypocrisy. Calling yourself a Christian and not acting like one doesn’t hide anything.

Don’t try to record fewer weight-watchers points than you really ate and hope to lose weight. Okay, that one might sound silly but I think I tried it a few times. The truth is that it just won’t work. No matter what you record, your weight depends on what you really put in your mouth :) 

We cannot hide what we’re up to. God sees it all. Eventually others will figure it out and the person who is really hurt — is us. We suffer the long-term consequences of trying to hide the truth from others.

Followers of Christ are to be children of the light. If there is any behavior in our lives that we feel uncomfortable about — then it’s probably not the right thing to be doing. Beware — it will be discovered. It is folly.

To avoid this folly, we must follow Jesus. When we are pricked in our hearts and minds, we must be honest, open and transparent, and follow Jesus. We must spend time with Jesus — so we can follow Jesus. Then we will feel comfortable about anyone knowing what it is that we have been up to.


Lord, please help me to live in your light. Amen.


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