So Much More to Learn

Psalm 119:108     Accept my offerings of praise, O Lord,
        and teach me your ordinances.


The Psalmist understands the importance of studying the Scriptures so that they light the pathway for life. In the midst of learning the Scriptures we are overwhelmed with a desire to praise the Lord. Our praises become an offering before our Lord. Not only are our praises an offering, but also following God’s ordinances. It is in the Scriptures that we learn the ordinances that will teach us the way in which to live. Our prayer is for the on-going teaching that needs to occur in our own lives. There is always so much more to learn.


As a child I used to look forward to the end of the school year. Yes! Summer time and I didn’t have to learn anymore. I wouldn’t need to read books but I could just play and have fun. Then, as the years went on I used to imagine what it would be like to finish High School. That would be simply glorious and I wouldn’t have to learn all that school stuff anymore. But that was followed by college and suddenly I was a nursing major. I wasn’t learning things just to pass a test, but to help save peoples’ lives. Instantly learning meant so much more. Learning wasn't just a series of tasks to complete, but something I needed to absorb so that it became a part of who I was. What I learned in college and beyond is that once you really start to learn, you don’t finish, because there is always so much more our there.

The same is true in regard to our spiritual lives. No matter how many Bible Studies we have attended; no matter how many religious books we have read; no matter how many Sundays we go to church; no matter how many degrees we may have — there is always more to learn. Our God is infinite and therefore our understanding and participation with God has the potential of being limitless. We are the ones who place boundaries on our knowledge of God. God invites us into this place of continual learning and processing of the Lord’s ordinances. We don’t arrive and take the summer off for fun! We must have an open mind and realize that God just may bend and shape our understanding the more that we fellowship with the Triune God.

Every day our hearts should drive us to a greater understanding of the ways of God, and an overflowing life full of praise.


Lord, thank you that we are privileged to read your word. May it infuse my very being and transform me into your likeness. Amen.


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