The Sanctified


For both He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all from one Father; for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren,
(Hebrews 2:11 NASB)



The word sanctification seems to create a sense of fear in many because it is a word that brings to mind the concept of the "holy." Obviously we understand and accept that God is holy, but over and over again we read in the Bible that it is God's desire that we take on his nature, which means that is desire is for us also to be holy. In this short statement we see this brought to light again; the very One who does the sanctifying (the One who is already by nature holy) -- sanctifies those who are called his brethren.



Those who are children of God take on the nature and character of the Father. If the Father's entire nature is holy, then the children, through the Father's nature also become holy. Sanctification is nothing to be feared, nor is it something which we cannot attain. First of all, no one can attain "sanctification." That would be just as ridiculous as thinking that I can attain having red hair! (Truly red hair, not red hair from a beauty parlor!) The gift of hair color comes from nature -- it is what is written within my DNA code and the result is seen within me. We cannot do anything on our own to be holy people -- or to attain sanctification. It is not the result of working hard or of trying to look good! Instead, when we submit ourselves wholly to Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to fill every crevasse of our being, then we are sanctified. This is God's desire for every child of God -- to be sanctified, to be made holy by the very nature of God.

Somehow we have made sanctification something that it is not and the result is that we have written it off as unattainable. In the meantime, I'm afraid, we have become satisfied with a mediocre faith which is not transformational. We believe that we are being humble when we say that there is no way that we can be holy or sanctified while here on this earth. That's not humility, but it is a lack of faith and/or trust in the very nature of God. The reality is that we have few people seeking this deeper transformational walk with Jesus Christ because we enjoy running our own lives. We are afraid of what it might mean to be totally sold out to Jesus Christ. This very chapter ends by discussing the suffering of Christ. The Sanctifier -- went on to suffer. Maybe that means the sanctified will as well! No, it probably means that yes, the sanctified will as well -- but are we willing to do that for Jesus? He already gave up heaven and his life for us -- are we not willing to give up the little things for him? Are we not willing to be God's children in radical obedience to him here on this earth? It is worth it -- for one day the ones who have been made holy will have the joy of sitting in the presence of the One who is holy! Until then, we are encouraged to allow him to so fill us with his nature, that he sanctifies us through and through. When that happens, his heart will be our heart and we will desire nothing but intimacy with him.



Lord, draw me close to you and to your holiness. Amen.


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